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10/10 Would Recommend: Journaling

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Have you ever done something and felt some completely at home, yourself? Throughout the first 27 years of my Becoming Story, I can’t remember a moment I wasn’t writing, scribbling down learnings, struggles, heartache, joy, to-do lists, prayers and dreams. My 40+ (yes, over 40!) journals have helped me mark who I’ve been, who I am, and who I’m becoming.

Whether you consider yourself a “writer” or not, I 10/10 would recommend picking up a notebook or starting a note on your phone to document a few important things on your becoming journey:

  • What you’re thankful for. Marking the things that have brought joy and growth reminds me God is always at work. On the days I feel less than, uninvited, or not enough, I go back to all of the written moments, both the big stuff and the little reminders along the way.
  • What you’re learning in God’s Word. Every time I open my Bible, I have my journal next to me, ready to soak up what God is saying to me right now, in this day. Each time I read God’s Word—no matter how many times I read a verse or passage—I discover something new. I believe God does a new, fresh work in us each day if we’re willing and available, inviting Him to show up. Noting what I learn helps me remember what God is speaking into and over me.
  • All the crazy emotions. Writing is and always has been my therapy. Writing down the good, crazy, and ugly helps me get my emotions outside of my head and in front of my eyes. From there, I’m always able to not only see a little more clearly, but objectively look at what emotions are flooding my thoughts, learn from them, and grow.
  • Your dreams. One of my favorite things is looking back at older journals, seeing what I was dreaming about, and seeing how those dreams have become a reality today. I’m always reminded of the bigger picture, that God is always at work, and dreams do come true… these recorded dreams remind me to never stop dreaming!
  • Your prayers. Sometimes they’re a sentence or two, and sometimes pages—no matter how long or short, jotting down my prayers helps me mark moments and infuse intentionality into my conversations with God.

Warrior friend, who are you today? Who are you becoming? Pick up your pen and mark the moments along the way… 27 years from now, you’ll be so happy you did!

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