In 2012, I tattooed a little eight-letter word on my wrist that has changed the entire trajectory of my life. “Becoming” is more than just a phrase or pretty idea or token of inspiration. Becoming is a way of life, a journey we’re all traveling on. Embracing my becoming journey has not only empowered others to embrace their’s as well, but it has stirred up inside me my heart’s cry & life’s passion: to partner with people, to cheer them on, to equip them on the journey of becoming who God made them to be.

So this is me. I’m passionate about storytelling, good cups of coffee, and jamming to country music. I’m a University of Florida and College of Central Florida grad. I’m a PK who stayed in ministry. And I love it. I’m the Online Campus Pastor of a dynamic church in Ocala, Florida, Church of Hope. Watching people find their voice and share their story is why I get out of bed every day. And most importantly, I’m passionately pursuing becoming the woman God made me to be.

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