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10/10 Would Recommend: Treat Yo Self

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I would 10/10 recommend that you treat yo self.

I have always been a big saver and not just with money. When my parents used to put candy in my stocking at Christmas, chances were, I would still have some of that candy by the time Christmas rolled around the next year. When I was younger and would get gift cards for my birthday, I would “sell” them to my mom to get cash that I could put in my bank account. I would often say “no” to different experiences or clothes or shoes that I wanted for myself because I felt the need to just save instead.

When I moved out to California, I remember my Dad telling me “Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ to different experiences, Katie because of how much it might cost. Try new things and have fun.”

He was encouraging me because he knows how much I save and shy away from spending money. He didn’t want to see me miss out on trying something new simply because of the expense. 

I am so glad that my Dad encouraged me in that way because I opened myself up to trying so many new experiences that I might not have tried. I went to Six Flags for the first time and made amazing memories with new friends. I got my first gel manicure and felt so pampered and relaxed. I tried macaroons for the first and realized that I would rather stick to classic chocolate chip cookies. I saw Florida Georgia Line in concert and sang the night away. I got a new pair of running shoes to conquer my first half marathon in.  I got a massage after summer camp and never felt so relaxed and refreshed.

Through trying all of these new things, I learned that it is ok to say “yes” to myself and by learning that it is ok to treat myself, I’ve learned different ways of loving myself that help me recharge for the day to day. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, saving and being wise with your finances is a great thing which is why I 10/10 recommend you do two things: add a “treat yo self” category to your budget AND find ways to treat yourself that are free.

Here is my top 10 Treat Yo Self list:

  1. Sit at the beach and read a book.
  2. Go to the movies by yourself.
  3. Window shop on Del Mar Street in San Clemente (this can be anywhere, Target is always an option!).
  4. Get a Frosty and French Fries on the drive home from work.
  5. Go on a hike.
  6. Buy that pair of shoes you’ve been dreaming about for months and months and months.
  7. Travel – your favorite vacation spot or somewhere new. 
  8. Go surfing before work.
  9. Get the Disneyland pass (you won’t regret it)!
  10. Lay in a hammock and listen to an audio book.

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