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15 Questions that will define your journey of becoming

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The process of becoming always begins with a question: who do I want to be? E.E. Cummings said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” To channel that courage—the courage to become the woman God made me to be—I’m learning that I must ask questions: hard, gut-level honest questions.

Daily, I keep 15 questions with me on the journey:

  1. Am I spending time with God?
  2. Am I journaling?
  3. Am I having alone time?
  4. Am I exercising?
  5. Who am I spending time with?
  6. What books am I reading?
  7. Am I writing consistently?
  8. What am I learning?
  9. What do I believe?
  10. What voices am I listening to?
  11. What is my mindset?
  12. Who do I respect? Have I talked with them recently?
  13. Am I holding on to anything or anyone that I need to release?
  14. When challenges arise, do I have a posture of offering solutions or problems?
  15. Am I becoming who God made me to be?

To take that next step, to grow, to change, to become, we must wrestle with questions. We must face the ugly truths we discover and be brave enough to make adjustments. We must celebrate the wins and victories along the way. And we must be courageous enough to lace up our boots and begin the journey.

What questions are you asking on your journey of becoming?

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