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27 Million Faces

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Today is a day recognizing 27 million people.

27 million people trapped, caught, chained, enslaved.
27 million people. Someone’s daughter, a little girl’s Daddy, a struggling son, a single Mother. 27 million PEOPLE. People like you. People like me.
And this is what they wake up to every, single day. Darkness surrounds them. Hope seems impossible to even dream of, but hope is here. Hope is NOW.
We are a generation taking a stand for FREEDOM.
More than any other number in history, today, in the 21st century–2012–we have the LARGEST number of people trapped in slavery. This must end.
Today–this National Human Trafficking Awareness Day–decide to take a stand. Raise your voice. Use the resources around you. Listen to God’s voice. Research what is happening to the people around you…people just like you and me. Do something. And do something NOW.
We’ve waited too long.

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