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3 Reasons Why Your Story Matters

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Emily, I crave to know people because I crave to be known.

A simple late night burger run had quickly escalated into one of those life chats you never forget. My friend’s simple statement felt like a splash of icy water on my face, abruptly calling my thoughts to attention. Mind racing, I immediately agreed. I had never quite articulated my thoughts as succinctly as she did that night and I haven’t been able to shake her words since.

I too crave to be known. I ask people questions and pay attention to the details they share, hoping they’ll do the same in return. I want to hear their stories, their fears, their dreams, because I want to share my stories, my fears, and my dreams with others too.

Our stories matter because they reveal our desire to be connected, to both know and be known, to do life with those around us, to belong.

So, why do our stories matter?

Our stories remind us that we’re not alone. Every time I invite others onto my journey by sharing what I’m learning, what I’m struggling with or what I’m experiencing, it invites them to have the freedom to say, “Me too!” There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re the only one going through the circumstance you’re facing. And that’s just not the truth! We are not alone.

Our stories connect us. Like my friend so beautifully articulated, we crave to know others because we too crave to be known. As we share our stories and listen to the stories of those around us, we gain friends and family, we gain a tribe of people to do life with.

Our stories honor Jesus. At the end of the day, I want my life to bring praise and honor to my Savior. When I share what He’s doing in my life—how He’s shaping and molding me, how I’m becoming who He made me to be—it points people to Jesus, giving Him all the glory and honor.

Nothing breaks my heart more than a woman staring into my eyes sharing that she doesn’t have a story. Friend, that’s simply not true. Each and every one of us has a story because each and every one of us are on this grand journey of becoming who God made us to be. My prayer and hope is that deep down in your core you begin to believe that, because when you do, everything changes.

When we believe we have a story and that our story matters, we’re walking confidently in both WHO we are and WHOSE we are. That’s a game changer in our becoming journey. 

When we tip into believing our stories matter, we take on the posture of a warrior. The mark of a warrior is one who drives her stake in the ground, claiming victory over the decisions of yesterday while boldly fixing her eyes on the path ahead. She laces up her boots, brushes the dirt off her face and declares herself to be the beloved warrior God already designed her to be. Warriors embrace a lionhearted stance, declaring war on purposelessness while pursuing the victory that is already ours to claim. A warrior stands anchored in her beliefs and passionately pursues becoming the woman God made her to be.

Friend, meet Warrior. 

She’s no stranger…you may have just not crossed paths in quite some time. But you know her well, oh so well. You are this warrior. God didn’t design you as a whimpering, doubting, afraid girl.

God fashioned you with purpose, armed you with strength, crowned you with beauty and set you apart with a story…your story. And oh how your story matters because warrior, you matter.

Will you rise up? Will you lace up your boots with me today declaring yourself to be the warrior that you are? I’m challenging each of us to share our story with at least one person this week. It could be your mom, sister, a friend, teacher, co-worker…anyone! And I would also LOVE to hear your story as well. Would you email me here? I can’t wait to get to know you more and together continue to become the women God made us to be.

Here’s what I know to be true: when we embrace who we are and Whose we are, we can conquer anything. And embracing that truth? It all begins with our story. Each of us has a story. And each of our stories matter…because friend, you matter.

Warrior, it’s time to lace up our boots. Are you with me?

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