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9 Days Until Christmas

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At times it is easy to feel insignificant. Do you know what I mean? Do you ever feel like you should be out in the world solving world hunger or finding a means for world peace? Those things are important, but there are extremely important things that you do every single day that make you significant.

Don’t know what I mean? How about when you help clean up your next door neighbor’s yard? Or when you take the time to hang out with a little girl who looks up to you? God has placed you exactly where He wants you this Christmas. Whether you are in sunny Florida or snow-filled Michigain, God has placed you in a specific place for this Christmas time.

Light your world by shining Jesus’ light this Christmas. Don’t worry about saving the world from calamity or writing a best-selling book. Love unconditionally, give thanks wholeheartedly, and live unashamedly. God will radiate through you–there is no doubt about that! When you stop worrying about “making your name known” and begin living a life of love in the very little things that you do.

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