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A Different Kind of SHE: Erika Robertson

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You know that one person that always greets you with the biggest hug whenever you enter the room? That’s Erika Robertson! Triathlete, dog lover, big sister, hard worker, lovable aunt, and beautiful bride are only a few adjectives that describe Erika. I met Erika not even a year ago, but I have already adopted her as one of my big sisters! Erika always seems to brighten my day through a text or phone call just to see how I am doing. I remember one day she took my to the pool and we just laid out and sipped on Starbucks frappucinos while we soaked in the sunshine! She has been there for me on my first job, my little sister’s flag football games, our swim meets, and so many more things!

Not only has Erika been a fun big sis, but she has also guided me spiritually reminding me that beauty does not come in the form of what you wear or your clothing size, but rather from your attitude.

Thank you Erika so much for being a different kind of SHE! I love you so much and am extremely thankful to have an awesome big sister like you!

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