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A Love Like Chaos

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Have you ever read a book that inspired you to take action? A book that made you laugh and cry? A book where you could swear the author must have been spying on you in order to describe your most inward thoughts?

If I could only recommend one book (outside of the Bible), I would highly recommend Natalie Lloyd‘s book, Paperdoll. Reading this book literally felt like I was having a conversation with Natalie over a Peppermint Mocha as we talked about my biggest worries, fears, joys, and dreams.

Have you ever felt like when you just get to that “next spot” in your life you will be content?–when you get your degree, find the right guy, land your dream job, look a certain way, or start your own family? I know that I have definitely experienced my days of comparing myself to the faces staring back at me on magazine racks at Barnes & Nobles and wishing that I looked a certain way, dressed a certain way, or had a achieved the high sought-after popularity. The whole idea throughout Paperdoll is that we are already loved and valued. “There’s something different about the Man by the well. He sees the real truth behind our smile. He knows when our smile is fake. He sees the motive behind our actions. He sees where we’ve been hurt in the past, and He wants to make us whole again. And He wants all of us-the brave part and the insecure, the bright and brooding. We get to bring the mess of who we are to Him and sort it out there in His presence.” The God of the Universe created us exactly how He dreamed we should be! It’s time to stop living in the land of paperdolls and fake perfection and choose to be real in the world around us.

I am declaring war on perfection. I’m deciding to finally be who God created me to be-flaws, fears, failures and all! I’m choosing to rip off the paper masks that I’ve created and just be me…and be totally and completely in love with the One who designed me the way that I am!

Want to join me? You can fight against paperdoll conformity too! I STRONGLY encourage you to dig into your Bible and pick up a copy of Paperdoll. Let Natalie’s words inspires and encourage you.

BUT, you can also have the opportunity to WIN A SIGNED COPY of Natalie’s book right here! What do you have to do to win? Choose one of the three options below:

  1. Follow me on Twitter ( and tweet this blog post.
  2. Email me @ [email protected] why you want to fight against paperdoll conformity.
  3. Comment on this post why you want to read the book.

The winner will be announced on Friday, December 3!

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