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A Place Called Home: Make It Matter, Make It Yours

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I lived in my last apartment for almost three years, but around the time I was preparing to move out, I realized that I was hardly ever there. Sure, I usually slept there, ate there, kept my things there…but I wasn’t always feeling rested or refueled by spending time there. I would always go away to coffee shops, drive around town, or to someone else’s house in search of that tranquility or that recharged feeling I craved. The truth was, I had never really made the space my own.

Our environments really matter. How we shape and cultivate an environment can make or break our experience there. Think of your favorite place. It might be Disneyland, a trendy restaurant, or a family member’s home. What do you love about it? What makes you feel at ease? What draws you in? Each of us have a different idea about what this might be like, but everything comes back to how we take in the features of that place. Our senses help us process the environment around us. When we’re mindful of them, paying special attention to how we can make them great, it can really create something special.

Since moving into a new space a few months ago, I’ve made some small, conscious changes that have made a world of difference. Maybe you’ll find a few that resonate with you, or it will at least spur your thinking as to how you can create and keep a place to call home:

Good Smells

Candles are my favorite. I can’t get enough, and love to blend different scents to create a specific vibe. It also helps me to relax when I throw on some music I love and dim the lights down to mostly or all candlelight. Can’t light candles in your current place? No worries! You can also use a spray fragrance or wall plug-in to set the tone you like.

The Right Lighting

I already mentioned candlelight being relaxing for me, but most of the time natural light is my jam. It energizes me to see how the sunlight washes my room throughout the day. When the sun goes down, softer lighting helps me wind down for the night or gently get moving in early mornings. Notice how lighting can change the mood of a room, and work the light you have to adjust to your taste.

Your Best Rest

If home is the place we’re supposed to rest up for the adventures each day brings, then we have to find the means to get that rest. Resting means a lot of things, but even just starting with upping your ability to get physical rest can impact the details of day-to-day life. For me, a mattress topper and some better pillows really did wonders for my ability to wake up rested. Find what works for you. You spend 6-8 hours of your time there each day—making that worthwhile is worth a little investment!

All In Order

My room is totally a reflection of my headspace. If it’s cluttered or out of order, so am I. When my room is organized—bed made, clothes and shoes put away, everything where it belongs––I think clearer, find things easier, and rest better. It feels like I have space to breathe. While I pretty much avoid a place that stresses me out or makes me feel crowded, I actually want to spend time in a room that puts me at ease. Spending a few extra minutes a day keeping my space tidy makes it so much more enjoyable!

While these are just some things that helped me on my mission to create a place called home, yours may look completely different. Maybe you’ll take away just one small change that can help you cultivate your space, maybe this just serves as inspiration to start your own process. It’s okay! Home is a place you can come to unwind, relax, and recharge. Take some time to take a look at a space you have. Make the effort to make a space you need. Maximize your time spent in a space that fuels you. As you become the best version of yourself, you are worth having a space to do it in!

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