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a story much larger than your average summer vacation

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After my 21st birthday campaign with charity: water & visit to their NYC HQ last month, I knew I’d become immersed in a story that would leave me changed…and more passionate about investing my life in the story God is writing than ever before…

I’ve shared my passion for charity: water’s mission with many of my friends in Central Florida and was so excited when I heard that a group of students in Hope Kidz (the kidz ministry at Church of Hope) was about to learn about charity: water & see how they too could partner with them in bringing clean drinking water to the 800 million people on this planet who desperately need it.

This past Sunday, over 27 fourth, fifth, and sixth graders saw a story much bigger than their summer vacation. They saw the reality that there are kids their age in the world who aren’t worried about summer homework assignments and trying to fit in one last trip to the beach. Instead, they’re worried they will have to watch their baby sister die of dehydration & disease and are crying, desperate for help. Unable to sit idly by, a group of kids in Central Florida decided to do something about it. They embraced what the word “partner” really means and began praying for charity: water, their team, and the kids who need a cup of hope.

That’s a story worth immersing yourself in…a story worth living for…a story much larger than your average summer vacation.

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