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After Surgery

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Three weeks ago I had orthognathic surgery. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement throughout my recovery process! It has been quite a journey….challenging, but I have grown so much from it.

Surgery took 10 hours rather than 6–it went fast for me! I am so thankful for the team of surgeons who carefully and precisely took care of me and made the best decisions for my well-being.

Several days after surgery once I was home, I ended up taking a turn for the worse and had to head back to the clinic at Shands to get an IV. Consequently, after being poked 16 times (including in my neck) they couldn’t get my veins to cooperate & had to take me to the ER. During this time I really struggled with why God wasn’t answering my prayers. I was only asking for a vein! Little did I know though that He was answering my prayers, just not in the way I wanted Him to. After they got an IV in me, I ended up having an allergic reaction to one of the medicines. If they would have successfully put an IV in me at the clinic, I would have had the allergic reaction at home and could have been in pretty big trouble! God was with me & never left my side. After the reaction wore off, I was admitted to a room and began to recover!

Every day I continue to get better! Thank you so much for your prayers–keep ’em coming! I am improving every day and just counting down until I can sink my teeth into a big, juicy cheeseburger!!

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