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An Awesome Truth…

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As I have been reading through February’s issue of Brio Magazine, I have loved reading “Becky’s Beliefs” (the Brio Girl 2008 column). In Becky’s article, called “No Turning Back”, Becky talks about giving our lives to Jesus and trusting Him to write our story. I love the quote she uses in regards to dating, “Run to Jesus, then turn around and see who’s trying to catch up with you.”

That simple statement holds so much truth. Instead of worrying about who to date or when to date, we need to run to Jesus with all of our might and trust Him to guide us to His man for our lives. Once our eyes are completely on Him, we can trust Him to write our future.

I don’t know about you, but I want a guy who is chasing after Jesus rather than chasing after me. I want a guy who loves Jesus with his whole heart and desires to serve Him, and follow Jesus’ plan for his life too. I am willing to wait for that man. During my time of waiting, I am trusting Jesus and running into the arms of my Heavenly Daddy.

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