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Anything for Love

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Wednesday night my youth pastor brought a message entitled, “Anything for Love.” He talked about the woman at the well in John 4. The woman at the well represents all of us that are searching for something to fill that God-sized hole in our hearts. The woman going to the well that day had been married five times and was currently living with a man she wasn’t even married to. She was searching for someone to wrap their arms around her and simply love her for who she was. When she went to the well, she went at the hottest part of the day and to the farthest well just to steer clear of the other women who made fun of her. So when Jesus was at the well and asked for some water, she thought that He was there harass her, when He was there to show her what real love was all about. After the woman realized that Jesus wasn’t there to cuss her out or lower her self-esteem any farther, she began to think that He had something new to offer her. We have all been there–we are all looking for something to fill our lives whether it be grades, friends, boyfriends, good looks, or sports. We are all searching for something that makes us feel worthy and accepted. We all want to feel needed and loved. This woman thought that Jesus was bringing her another thing to maybe fill her empty heart with. What she didn’t yet realize was that He was there to fill her heart for eternity. He wants to fill us so that we are never empty again. How cool is that? This woman had to choose to be honest with Jesus. She was honest with Him and explained where she was in life–she had been divorced five times and was living with a man! But you know what, Jesus loved her anyways. In fact, I think at that moment of honesty He even loved her more. She chose to be vulnerable and she knew that she could not invite His everlasting love into her life until she became honest with where she was in life. Where am I? Where are you today? Do you need to get honest with God and explain that you have been searching so hard for popularity that you have completely ignored His love? Being honest isn’t easy, but it is totally worth it. After this precious woman was honest, Jesus told her who He was and changed her life. God saw who this Samaritan woman for who she was–a hurting woman who wanted love and affection–and loved her through her pain. Jesus sees you through the pain of your parents divorce and He sees you through the mistakes that you have made with your boyfriend. And guess what–He loves you anyway. I don’t know about you, but that really excites me! So, the question we need to ask ourselves is, “What am I searching for to find happiness” and “Am I willing to be honest with Christ today?”

The choice, well that’s up to you.

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