Becoming A Woman In Gold #2

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Road Trip Questions:

  1. Have you ever read the story of Esther? If not, take some time this week to dive into the book of Esther in the Bible!
  2. What arena are you currently in? Maybe you’re arena is your high school or college campus. Maybe it’s your workplace. Maybe it’s your home or your church or your local gym. Where you are matters! Step into where you are today boldly & rediscover who God made you to be!
  3. Schedule time to ask yourself questions this week! Grab a latte, a journal and a pen and really get to know yourself by digging into what you like and don’t like, your dreams and goals, what makes you laugh and cry, and what makes you want to get out of bed each morning.
  4. Schedule time to talk with your tribe, giving them permission to speak freely into who you are and who you’re becoming. Not sure who your tribe is? As you walk through #3 above, ask yourself who your “6am” friends are—those people you could call at 6am if you had a flat tire who would answer the phone and be there to help. Your 6am friends are your “tribe”, the people you can ask tough questions to and ask for honest feedback, the people cheering you on!
  5. How are you committing to studying the Bible? Join us on Facebook as we dive into the Bible together! We’re hosting daily devotions here.

Just For Fun:

  1. What best describes you? Share a photo of what makes you you with us on social media by posting with the hashtag #becomingmetv! (ideas: maybe the color purple is totally your thing…share a photo of your sweet purple manicure with us! Maybe you’re a runner…snap a selfie on your daily jog. Perhaps you’re a cook…snap a photo of your meal. Share a photo that describes you!)

Author: Emily B. Cummins

Emily Cummins is a University of Florida & College of Central Florida grad who is passionate about partnering with people to become who they were made to be. Emily is the Online Campus Pastor at Church of Hope in Ocala, Florida. She’s passionate about storytelling, good cups of coffee, and jamming to country music. And most importantly, she’s passionately pursuing becoming the woman God made her to be.

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