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Becoming An Empowered Traditionalist

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Christa Taylor is one inspiring woman–or should I say ET?! According to Christa, an ET (Empowered Traditionalist) is “one who confidently stands on traditional values of modesty, and femininity in the face of opposition.”

In January of 2007, Christa and her family launched something that may be unheard of: a modest clothing line. Since then, the line has grown tremendously and reached thousands of girls worldwide. To shop check out Christa-Taylor.

Alongside her blooming fashion market, Christa also created her blog launching the “ET” idea. On her blog, Christa gives advice about how to be modest from the inside-out while radiating Jesus’ love.

Empowered Traditionalists are defined as follows:
~An ET strives to break the lie that states that to be modest you must compromise beauty and attractiveness.
~An ET embraces beauty and femininity and kills frumpiness.
~An ET is smart, because she purchases timeless styles and rejects the trends to purchase cheap new fashions every season, saving bundles of money.
~An ET is a trend-setter, in the best sense of the word.
~An ET stands out. Since she does not let the winds of fashion effect her decisions, she actually wears cuter apparel- she stands out compared to what every one else is wearing. (those Captivated Modernists).
~An ET is one who loves to dress well
~An ET is wise. She understands that character vs. immodesty attracts the best men.
~An ET is attractive in all the right ways.An ET has clothes that fit her personality and her body type
~An ET loves to surprise people with her style
~An ET sets the trend in modest style yet without succumbing to the pressures to buy apparel that compromises your convictions.
~An ET will show you what beautiful is.

Learn more about what it means to be an ET by visiting Empowered Traditionalist today.

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