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Becoming Courtney Leo: How To Be Authentically YOU!

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How can you be authentically YOU?

We’re so excited to introduce you to my warrior friend Courtney Leo! Grab a cup of coffee and join Courtney’s and my conversation unpacking her story, how she is becoming who God made her to be, and how we too can grow on our becoming journey.

In her Becoming Story, Courtney unpacks:

➡️ Her journey discovering how to trust God with each step

➡️ How to be authentically you

➡️ Navigating singleness with intentionality

➡️ And MORE!

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Meet Courtney Leo:

Courtney is an authenticity coach, podcaster, speaker, and champion of growth. As a Christian single navigating her 30s, Courtney’s life mission is to empower others to live life authentically through exploring their unique design, practicing self love, walking in confidence, navigating toxic circumstances and mindset resetting. After walking through her own journey of toxic jobs, churches and relationships, Courtney authentically shares her journey of finding her voice, setting boundaries, moving past people pleasing and finding true freedom…unmuted and unfiltered. 

Courtney encourages her community to embrace every part of their stories, welcome the messy, sit in the unknown and normalize imperfection. You can find her hanging out with her dogs, Cooper and Shadow, while sipping an iced coffee and planning her next solo date or wild video for social media.

Connect with Courtney Leo: 
Instagram: @courtneyyleo 
TikTok: @courtneyyleo 

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