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Becoming Darren Ritch: How To Value People On The Becoming Journey

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I am so excited to introduce you to my warrior friend Darren Ritch! Grab a cup of coffee and join Darren’s & my conversation unpacking his story, how he is becoming who God made him to be, and how we too can grow on our becoming journey…

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Meet Darren Ritch:

Darren Ritch is a Christ follower, native of Ocala, Florida, and has been married to Peggy for 30 years. Darren and Peggy have one son, Tyler. Darren has served 30 plus years in the Information Technology field leading Cybersecurity at a large IT Telecommunications Company. He is a Cancer Survivor; Heart Attack Survivor; 2-time Marathoner; Spartan Trifecta Finisher (the second hardest obstacle course in the U.S.!); 4-time recipient of the President of the United States Volunteer Service Award; completed a mission trip to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua to serve the Miskito Indians of Central America; and served as President of Transitions Life Center (TLC) for 5 years, helping build this nonprofit business from the ground up, serving as President for five years. During his tenure, TLC acquired twenty-two acres of property, raised $1.3M and built a 5,000 square foot community center to serve those with intellectual disabilities. Darren also serves as a volunteer Chief Information Security Officer for Transitions Life Center and Small Group Leader at Church of Hope.

Connect with Darren Ritch Online:

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