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Becoming Jenna Gaston: How To Trust God & Celebrate In Your Waiting Season

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I am so excited to introduce you to my warrior friend Jenna Gaston! Grab a cup of coffee and join Jenna’s & my conversation unpacking her story, how she is becoming who God made her to be, and how we too can grow on our becoming journey…

Meet Jenna Gaston:

My name is Jenna Gaston. I went & cheered at Baylor University. I realized at a young age that I wanted to do big things God and my life would never look normal or comfortable. Through hardship I realized that Jesus is better than anything this world has to offer. I have a passion for teaching and discipling women to stand in their identity, trust God in the waiting, and how to live in hope & be content where God in your season! Six years ago, God placed a dream in my heart, that I would start a ministry called She is Lovely. I share my journey of walking through the hardships of life, living by faith relying on God in every aspect of your life.

I live in Dallas, Texas. I am also passionate about the local church (God’s plan A for the world). I enjoy traveling the world, wakesurfing, Coffee, the beach, and adventuring!

Connect With Jenna Gaston Online:

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