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Becoming Ross Johnston: Discovering The Only Thing That Will Satisfy Your Heart On The Becoming Journey

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I am so excited to introduce you to my warrior friend Ross Johnston! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join Ross’s & my conversation unpacking his story, how he is becoming who God made him to be, and how we too can grow on our becoming journey…

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Meet Ross Johnston:

Ross is currently 27 years old and has been leading revival across California through a movement named “California Will Be Saved”. He was born by artificial ensemination and grew up in a lesbian household starting from his early childhood until he met Jesus at 16 years old!

After giving his life to Jesus he went to college in San Diego, graduated and eventually entered the business world. When the pandemic hit the Holy Spirit began to stir him. He then asked God “for his people” and God connected him with his now co-leader of cawillbesaved Joel Mott.

The desire is for California to be saved by taking worship to the streets and releasing the sound of heaven to those across the state! We desire to see the church get activated outside the four walls of the church and to proclaim the gospel to those who may have never encountered the real Jesus! California is in revival and we believe God is pouring out his spirit in a fresh way in America!

Connect with Ross Johnston Online:

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