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Becoming Tim Llewellyn: How To Not Give Up On Your Becoming Journey

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How can you not give up on your becoming journey?

We’re excited to introduce you to our warrior friend Tim Llewellyn! Grab a cup of coffee and join Tim’s and Emily’s conversation unpacking his story, how he is becoming who God made him to be, and how we too can grow on our becoming journey.

In his Becoming Story, Tim unpacks:

➡️ How he discovered hope in Christ

➡️ His journey breaking free from addiction & now walking in freedom in Jesus Christ

➡️ How to not give up on your becoming journey

➡️ And MORE!

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Meet Tim Llewellyn:

Tim Llewellyn was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, with his amazing, loving, and supportive family. Tim grew up loving sports, and it was his dream to play football professionally. Through the adventure and journey of ups and downs, growing through adversity, Tim was blessed to earn a half scholarship to Henderson State University where he ended up playing football there from 2011-2015. With many awards, accolades, honors, and recognition early on in Tim’s career at Henderson State, it all took a drastic shift when he suffered a back injury that led him to having surgery after his redshirt Sophomore season. He ended up becoming addicted to opiates, drugs, alcohol, sexual addiction, pornography, and would have full body panic attacks. Through the next few years since this time, Tim went through the fire. Trying his best to get clean and get out of the rut that he was in. He experienced freedom at times, but nothing sustained. Tim ended up getting led into acting in the summer of 2016, while still trying to keep his hopes of playing football professionally alive. He was doing great, everything seemed to be working out with many doors opening, and then he fell back into his old ways and ended up going back to square one. It was a vicious cycle that seemed like it could never be broken. Tim was only 23 at the time, and felt like nobody understood what he was going through. At a fork in the road time in his life, he was figuring out what he was going to do with his life. Does he keep pursuing his dream of playing football professionally, or let it go and go full force with acting or something else? Around this best advice he has ever heard in January 2017. Tim was really struggling, and one of his best friends, Major Dodge, told him, “Bro, you gotta bury your face in the Word of God.” It struck Tim in the best possible way. He didn’t immediately start diving into the Word of God, but once he did in the late summer of 2017, everything started to change. Tim was once a walking zombie, life was sucked out of him, addicted to drugs, sex, and alcohol. And when he started seeking Jesus wholeheartedly by the grace of God in His Word, Tim could literally start to feel life being restored to his soul. The chains began to fall and be severed in Jesus’ mighty Name, and the sanctification process began full force. Being green as grass at that time, not knowing where to start or what to do, he just knew he had to start reading the Word of God and throw out all of the past excuses of why not to do it. Around late summer/early fall of 2017, Tim devoted himself to reading at least a chapter in the Bible every day, spending time with Jesus, and his life has been radically transformed since that time and he has been set free, healed, restored, and delivered in Jesus’ mighty Name, seeking to grow everyday by the grace of God with the Lord. It is now Tim’s mission to share the Gospel of Jesus and his testimony to seek to glorify God and draw others closer to intimate personal relationship with Jesus. 

Tim is extremely passionate about acting and filmmaking, and as an actor, he has been blessed to be a part of numerous film and commercial projects, along with live theatre and tv projects. He is also very passionate about the “behind the camera” filmmaking as well. He has written 3 short film projects (directed two of them), the first being about PTSD with veterans and their families, the second being about domestic abuse within a family dynamic, and the third and most recent being about mental health, bullying, suicide, how we never know what anyone is going through, and how the love of Jesus can change and save someone’s life. This one is called “The Art of Acknowledgment”, a film that Tim wrote, directed, produced, and acted in as a supporting character in the story. Since early July 2023, Tim and his team have been traveling to different churches and groups, having worship nights & private screenings of their new film with Q&A’s, talk backs, community engaging, relationship building movie nights. The response has been astounding, and it is Tim’s mission to continue the journey and adventure by traveling with this film across the nation(s), sharing the gospel of Jesus, seeking to advance the kingdom of God, seeking for God to be glorified, and for others to be set free, healed, delivered, and empowered to share the Gospel of Jesus and their testimonies everywhere they go and all for His glory in Jesus’ mighty Name! 

Tim is so extremely grateful to get to do what he is passionate about and loves with Jesus, also with those who are near and dear to his life, and getting to meet new people, travel to new places, and build new relationships along the way! 

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