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Camp Update!

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Fun on the slip and slide!!

Great praise and worship!

Girls just wanna have fun…..oh girls just wanna have fun!

Team Tsunami was awesome (that was my team!) Wer’e the tsunami and here we come. You better watch out and you better run. Wer’e big and we’re bad and wer’e mighty blue. You better take cover ’cause wer’e comin’ for you!!! Go tsunami!!!!
Well, after a full week of early morning jogs, late night talks, hot chocolate breaks, sitting on the docks, riding down the slip and slide, and competing in team-building games, camp is officially over. I wanted to give you a couple of the main highlights from the week:

On Tuesday we arrived and began learning about the 1440 principle. The first question that we were challenged with was “What are you living for?” We studied the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22 and correlated Abraham’s trust in God with the kind of trust that we can have in Him ourselves. God does not want us to be lukewarm Christ followers. We need to be either hot or cold. There is only black and white–no shades of gray.

On Wednesday we discovered the truth that everything that we do must bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ alone. We are not alive to stand up on a pedestal and say “look at me!” Our lives need to be pointing to Jesus. We were faced with the question of what we truly put our trust in. Abraham completely trusted Christ. He followed God’s leading even though he had no idea what the outcome would look like (check out Genesis 22 for more details).

On Thursday we learned the power of loving others. People are watching our lives daily–even minutely. We have to love and point them towards Jesus. As Christians we do not have the choice to pick and choose who to love and who not to love. We must love all of God’s kids. In our evening session we were asked to pray and think about what we are walking towards. Abraham walked for three days without even knowing where God was taking him. The point was that he was walking towards God.

On our last day of teaching we focused on two principles: what am I focusing on and what is my life saying. We learned the “submarine principle”–under water a submarine is pushed and pressured so much that is should not be able to survive. The only way that it can function properly is by exerting pressure to the outside as well. We are pressured with so many things around us that it can be so easy to just see the problems and miss out on God’s blessings. We have to choose to let go of the pressure and exert our own love and joy in the midst of life’s craziness! We want to walk with a resignating joy that others can see without even saying one word to us. And I know that is hard! Believe me there are many times when it is way too easy just to see the “hair in our soup” (check out my Daddy’s blog at and read his post entitled, “Hair in My Soup.”) and not even see the great things around you.

We have 1,440 minutes in a single, given day. How we spend those minutes affects all of eternity. What is your life saying?

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