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Christmas Eve

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We had so much fun gathering together as a family. It was great to see all of our cousins again!

One of my favorite “Gibson” traditions is when my Grandpa reads the Christmas story in the Bible. I love how you can tell that it is so much more than just a “story” to him. I love how his voice cracks with emotion as he explains how Mary gave birth to Jesus in a dirty stable. I felt the love my Grandparents have for our entire family as their tear-filled eyes scanned their basement that was filled with all of their kids and grandchildren. They truly are an example of godliness to me. I love you Grandpa and Grandma!

Say Cheese!

My Grandma Gibson always makes a a birthday cake for Jesus.
This year we celebrated with all of our cousins for the first time in four years!

Happy Birthday Jesus. I’m so glad it’s Christmas. Jesus I love you!

This is my cousin Rusty….his brothers received a really cool spy toy set.
They had so much fun with it!

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