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dear me… don’t compare.

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Dear Me:

Don’t compare.

You are uniquely you.

God formed you and knit you together [Psalm 139:13].  You’ve heard the reference to this verse countless times.

But you need to and must let it take on a new meaning for you.

Your gifting and anointing may not be fully grown or cultivated, but you will see a harvest from your hard work and dedication. For God saw what you would become before you were born [Jeremiah 1:5].

All the achievements your friends are experiencing don’t diminish your value—celebrate them. Cheer on your friends. Be fully involved in rejoicing over their accomplishments.

While cheering them on, remember God has a plan; His plan for you is one full of adventure you don’t want to miss out on [Jeremiah 29:11]. God did not provide your friends with new experiences and excitement just to overlook you. His attention to detail surpasses your expectations. He never forgot you or left you behind. He sees you exactly where you are while simultaneously envisioning what you will become.

Don’t compare your looks, your heart, your family, your future—for these are yours. But when you offer them to the Lord, you will experience contentment.

Keep your eyes on the race God set before you—no one else has been called to run it but you.

Keep running in your own lane. Don’t be concerned with all those you perceive as running ahead of you or running faster than you. You are running a race designed for you, for your personality, for your destiny. You aren’t falling behind. You are exactly where He wants you. You aren’t late. You’re right on time.

Comparison is the thief of joy, but contentment is the multiplier of it.

Don’t resent the seasons of apparent famine while looking at your friends’ feasts; for in the famine God develops you to be dependent upon Him.

Be content in becoming all He planned for you to be.

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