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Fact: The Front Row Is Just More Fun

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Everyday we choose…

How young or old we will be.

Our attitude.

How we interact with others.

Joy or sorrow.

Our perspective.

Who we want to become.

Grace or shame.

Ice-cream or salad.

And on some days, both.

Forgiveness or bondage.

Our thoughts.

Who we love.

To really live, or sit back & watch.

Today, I want to live on the front row, taking everything in, experiencing all that I can, loving with all I’ve got.

Everything is a choice. And I mean EVERYTHING. How I think, how I respond, how I see. I choose every part of it. And the part I don’t control—how others treat or don’t treat me—well, I still control my response to them. The only person I’m in charge of is me. And this girl is climbing into the front seat.

What will you choose today?

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