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What is God-confidence? I mean, I have heard of “confidence”, but God-confidence? What is that all about?

God-confidence is a complete and total contentment with who you are in Christ no matter what the world around you thinks. A girl who has God-confidence is content with who she is even if the world hates her. She cherishes her relationship with God more than anything else, after all she is His princess. She spends time with God daily, all day in fact. The very second that she takes her eyes off Him, she loses confidence and quickly tries to get back on track. She walks with her head held high because she knows that she is loved by her King and that He has a plan for her life. She doesn’t let the “little things” of this world get in her way because her eyes are fixated on Jesus. She is so humbled by Jesus’ love for her that she can’t help but live for Him. When she smiles, she lights up the room. It doesn’t matter if she has a million friends or no friends at all because she is here to glorify Christ alone. She dresses with class and style; she stands out in a crowd. She utilizes her gifts to honor God, not herself. She chooses wisely when and whom she dates because she knows that God has a prince charming saved just for her. She doesn’t make the head-calls; she obeys His calls. She isn’t afraid to be different–that is what she was born to be. She is a princess who stands out from the crowd and is satisfied with who God created her to be. She loves the skin she is in! (“Bien des la peau!”) She is feminine and sassy, yet doesn’t advertise the wrong signals. She trusts Jesus with all of her heart…He did give up His very life for her. She is not proud or conceited. She is who she is…and loves it!

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out?”

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