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happy thanksliving

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My Dad perfectly captured my sentiments today…check out his post from below! Happy Thanksliving!

Thanksgiving Day ~ taste buds, “start your salivating,” the race to the table over! Ahhh, those delicious syllables, “Thanksgiving Day,” cause my taste buds to salivate with anticipation…the smell of turkey, pies, stuffing, noodles, potatoes…I can hardly wait.

On 1 day in November, we gather to celebrate & give thanks to God for the incredible blessings we enjoy in the United States of America.

But what about the other 364 days? You know, March 3, August 9, October 4…on ordinary days filled with the same 24 hours as Thanksgiving Day do we live with the same anticipation? Celebration?

I wonder what might happen in us and around us if we enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with all the food, football, family, and friends, and then woke up the next day committed to Thanksliving towards God and others the other 364 days in the year?

How much life is wasted by celebrating the event of a day, while failing to celebrate the journey of days?

Celebrate Thanksgiving! Eat till you sleep. Then wake up equally committed to Thanksliving, an attitude of gratitude in the ordinary days that make up the journey called life—passionately trusting God that no matter what you might face along the way, the Hope in Christ gives you victory along the way.

Happy Thanksliving!

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