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Holding God’s Hand

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Holding God’s hand? Uh, is that even possible? Yep. How? I held God’s hand today, and yesterday, and the day before that.

Why do we hold hands with someone? To feel protected? Or maybe loved? I think one of the main reasons that we hold someone else’s hand is to feel them guiding us along the right path. To feel assured that we are headed in the right direction or pulled back onto the right path.

If we choose to hold God’s hand we are, in all essence, choosing to allow God to guide us. We are giving Him control. Or at least making the effort to try to! Holding someone’s hand is a visible symbol that you rely on that person. So holding God’s hand shows that you are relying on Him. Does that mean that you need to know exactly where you are headed? Nope. You may not even see the path before you, but you are trying with all of your might to follow Jesus.

How can we hold the hand of God? Put your hand out and ask for His. Ask Him to guide you and relinquish control into the palm of His hand. Does this mean that you have magically found the cure to stress, worry, and control problems? Not at all! It just means that you are making the effort to trust God and that is what life is all about. We will never and can never be perfect. The only thing that we can do is trust Jesus Christ with all of our hearts, all of our souls, all of our minds, and all of our strength. Trust with everything. Roll out of bed and begin a brand new day. Don’t live on what happened yesterday or last year. Start fresh and new while holding the hand of Jesus.

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