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House of Hope 2010!

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Who says you need to go overseas to do “missions” work? This morning I had the privilege of joining an amazing group of HEROES from Church of Hope as we raised the walls on our second House of Hope through Habitat for Humanity!
Believe it or not, we had SNOW in Florida this morning! At a whopping 31 degrees, our fingers and toes were frozen as we helped make the dreams of a family in our community become a reality.

It was amazing to watch how we literally started with a concrete foundation and several hours later, that foundation had walls with windows and a front door!

Trying to stay warm!

One of my favorite parts of the day was writing Scriptures on the support beams. It was awesome to be able to cover that new home in HOPE and surround it with prayers.

Jeremiah and his family in their new house!!

We made a new friend this morning!

I have a new appreciation for construction workers. They make hammering a nail into a wall look so easy! I think I made it through five nails successfully this morning!

But those who HOPE in the Lord with renew their strength . . .

There are people all around us looking for the HOPE that is inside of us. You don’t need to necessarily travel to find them. There are little girls who live 15 minutes from the comfort of your own house who are looking for HOPE in a brand new home for their family. There are people who walk by you every day on your campus who look at you, begging for the HOPE that is inside of you. What are you doing so that no one is left behind in 2010? How are you helping the lost get found? This morning I learned that I just need to step outside my front door, take a look around me, and offer a smile in some one’s direction.

How can you help the lost get found? How can you help others find the HOPE that you have? Check out Church of Hope‘s series: 2010 No One Left Behind.

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