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How Our Stories Reveal The Thing We Want Most | A Warrior Conversation with Bob Wheatley

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How do our stories reveal the thing we want most?

Join us for this Warrior Conversation with Bob Wheatley unpacking this question AND talking about Bob’s BRAND NEW book Our Hearts’ Desire!

In this Warrior Conversation, Bob unpacks:

➡️ What exactly the thing we want most is

➡️ The story behind writing & publishing his new book

➡️ How we’re living in this grand story God is writing & what that means

➡️ Why reading the Bible makes a significant impact on everything in your life 


Plus Emily shares a sneak peek that Tuesday, February 7, Bob Wheatley’s Becoming Story airs at AND we’re giving away a copy of his new book & Emily’s book, Becoming Me: Choosing To Be You!

This 33-minute conversation is going to encourage your warrior heart like it did ours! 

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Thank you Bob for sharing what God is teaching you & who you are! We’re cheering you on big time as you’re becoming who God made you to be!

Get your copy of Bob Wheatley’s book, Our Hearts’ Desire: How Our Stories Reveal The Thing We Want Most at

Warrior friends, if this Warrior Conversation encouraged you, share the encouragement with them too!

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