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How to SPARKLE from the Inside-Out (part 1)

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Hmmm……what comes to mind when you see the word sparkle? I think of a glittery costume or Ashley Tisdale’s song, “Fabulous”. The dictionary definition of sparkle is “to shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliant gem; glitter; to be brilliant, lively, or vivacious.” As a young women after God’s own heart, I want to SPARKLE for Him! Our lives need to shine for Jesus and point those around us to Him.

So, how can my outer appearance SPARKLE?

  • Smile! As we walk the halls at school or our job we should smile! Why would you want to walk around looking defeated or depressed all the time? If you are feeling discouraged, check back in with God–He is the ultimate source of true satisfaction and genuine joy.
  • Stand Tall. When you sit and stand use good posture. Don’t slump over–this is a sign of weak confidence. Hold your head high!
  • Dress your best. Don’t just throw on clothes and simply use them to “cover your back.” Your clothes can really say a lot about you. An over-sized hoodie and jeans says you are comfy and maybe a little tired. A mini skirt and tube top suggests that you are asking for some attention the the wrong places. Dress intentionally. God has given you your body as a temple to Him. Clothe yourself with pride. Now this does not mean you have to be decked out in designer jeans and handbags. Just choose affordable clothes that suit you and fit your body well.
  • Pamper yourself. Clean your skin. Wash your face. Shower. Comb your hair. OK, so I would definitely hope you are already doing this, but really, good hygiene makes a big difference! But to really pamper yourself, paint your nails, style your hair, and wear your favorite lip gloss.
  • Be you! We all have our own personal style, you know, something just says “yep, that’s me!” For me, my personal touch would be bags. I love bags of all shapes and sizes. But then again I really love the outfit as a whole. I am kind of into fashion I guess you could say! But for you it could be cute shoes or glitter on your eyes. Choose your own special trademark–something that you really enjoy doing or wearing.

Stay tuned for part 2……how to SPARKLE from the inside!

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