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How To Trust God’s Timing In Singleness | A Warrior Conversation With Wendy Henkelman

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Have you ever found yourself crying asking God WHEN He will answer your prayer in singleness? When you’ll meet His best person for you?

Yep, been there! Honored to have unpacked the question, “How to trust God’s timing in singleness?” with our warrior friend Wendy Henkelman in this Warrior Conversation!

In this Warrior Conversation, Wendy shares:

➡️ Her story

➡️ The story behind her devotional “Stay In The Story”

➡️ How important timing is

➡️ How to navigate heartbreak

➡️ How to encourage those around you & be encouraged by those around you

➡️ How to encourage yourself on the challenging days

➡️ How to lean in & trust God


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A few WARRIOR STEPS leaving this Warrior Conversation:

➡️ Download Wendy’s devotional “Stay In The Story” on YouVersion

➡️ Follow @the_places_between on Instagram for EPIC adventures!

Wendy, you are a GIFT! Thank you for sharing the gift of you with BecomingMe.TV! Cheering you on big time as you’re becoming who God made you to be, warrior friend!

Warrior friends, if this Warrior Conversation encouraged you, share the encouragement with them too!

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