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I Definitely Know My Passion Now!

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Representative Cummins is on her way with some great training from Speaker Cretul!

This is me and Gina Evans, Speaker Cretul’s legislative assistant. She is amazing and inspires me so much! Literally everyone knows Gina and absolutely loves her! She does an amazing job for the Speaker.
This is me and Melanie Phister. Melanie always greets everyone with a smile and so much enthusiasm–even if she isn’t feeling well or is extremely busy. She is absolutely amazing! I hope I can work with people as well as she does someday!

Maybe FSU’s law school is somewhere in my future? I definitely have seen that God has given me a passion for politics in the state of Florida. I am so excited to see exactly where God leads me along this path.
This overlooks Tally and a part of FSU from the 22nd floor of the capitol. It is fun to go up there and just pray over Florida.

God led me through an amazing week in Tally. Interning for the Speaker was an amazing opportunity. I learned so much about communication skills, leadership, writing, decision-making, working with people, governmental affairs, and time management. By jumping on many hands-on experiences, I learned more than I ever could by reading a text book!

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