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I Was Here

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I don’t think about the word “legacy” all that much—more frequently, I’m caught in the here, the now, the today. And then tragedy strikes—a family member passes away, a friend miscarries her baby, a car accident changes everything, and my mind immediately shifts from the here and now to what happens after life is changed forever…

This past June in our #TRENDING series, I shared a post about my cousin’s life ending too quickly, lost to the battle of addiction. As I grieved the loss of my 24-year-old cousin, just two short months away from her 25th birthday, my mind drifted to what she left behind…and the story of her life cut short, left untold.

When we experience loss, we think about what’s left behind…the legacy for generations to come. I used to think that “legacy” was something to think about when I was older, maybe when I had kids, or something grand was happening in my life. But lately, my paradigm has begun to shift…I’ve begun to wonder, what if we’re building this legacy daily, moment-by-moment in each decision we make? What if by waiting to think about the legacy we’re leaving behind, we’re missing out on leaving this incredible story of epic proportions built in the daily moments… what if we’re missing out on screaming from the rooftops, “I WAS HERE”, simply because we’re not intentionally thinking about it?

I don’t want to live a life of “unintention”. I want to journey through life living to the fullest, arriving at the end of my story boldly and proudly stamping “I WAS HERE” on each and every page, leaving something behind that changes those I come in contact with.

And what if…what if…legacy isn’t something that only happens when our story ends? What if each day we leave a legacy? What if as we turn the page of each day, each chapter, each relationship, each moment, we leave something behind that partners with people to discover in Christ we have Hope, and helps them as they’re too becoming who God made them to be?

This month at BecomingMe.TV, we’re going to dive into this idea of what it means to leave a legacy in our every day, normal lives. We’re going to take a peek at some ladies from history who left their mark and see what made their stories stand out…what we can glean from how they lived lives of intention and purpose, passionately pursuing becoming who God made them to be.

Are you with me? Are you ready? Friend, it’s time to lace up our warrior boots. We have a battle to fight, a battle to live intentionally, leaving our mark each and every day.

Emily Cummins


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