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Infertility & Loss: How To Trust God & Take Next Steps When Life Doesn’t Unpack How You Hoped

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How can you navigate infertility, grieve through loss, & trust God taking next steps when your becoming journey doesn’t unpack how you hoped it would?

We’re humbled & honored to unpack these questions in this Warrior Conversation with Emily Cummins & our warrior friend Kayla Gergen.

In this Warrior Conversation, Kayla shares…

➡️ Her journey

➡️ What helps her navigate grief & loss

➡️ Navigating expectations with others & establishing boundaries

➡️ Why you just need to cry

➡️ The value of therapy

➡️ Warrior steps to take moving forward

➡️ How to care for a friend navigating infertility & grief

➡️ And so much more!

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Thank you for sharing the gift of you, Kayla! We sure do love you & we’re cheering you on big time as you’re becoming who God made you to be, warrior friend!

Warrior friends, if this Warrior Conversation encouraged you, share the encouragement with them too!

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