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Inspiration in AP English

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Who would have thought that you could find some great Spiritual inspiration in an AP English class in a public school? Today as I sat in my classroom, Ms. Farbiarz (my fabulous AP teacher!) empowered the class as she explained that we are writing our own stories. By this she meant that our life is like a book and everyday we start a new chapter. She encouraged us to be who we wanted to be. We have the choice to be anyone in our story–a heroine, the jester, simply the character trying to get by, the villain, or someone reaching for new heights and goals. Ms. Farbiarz’s advice made me really think about life. Every choice that I make determines my future. If I choose to not study for my test, I will receive a bad grade. If I choose to exercise and eat right, I will be a healthy individual. If I choose to spend time with God today, I will be more focused on Him. Do you see the pattern? If I choose _________, then I will/will not_________. Life is all about choices.

How do you want the book of your life to be read?

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