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In my room I have an “Inspirational Bulletin Board”. On this bulletin board, I post quotes, Bible verses, pictures, music lyrics, and mini posters that inspire me. Every day when I wake up I look straight at this board and I am encouraged to keep growing in Jesus Christ. I have a picture of the movie One Night With the King posted that reminds me to take a stand and be different than those around me. Esther was here for such a time as this and she made an impact for her generation. I have a picture of my small group at church. I love watching these girls grow closer to God as they realize that they are God’s princesses! I also have a picture of Team Cummins, my family. My Daddy, Mom, and Katie are my biggest fans. They encourage me to pursue my dreams. Stacie Orrico’s lyrics to the song I Could Be the One remind me that I could be the one that God wants to use to make a difference. A couple years ago I cut my hair really short and my Daddy sent me a little card with flowers that said “You’re prettier today than I’ve ever seen you before!” This little card reminds me that even on the days when I don’t feel beautiful, my character is what matters the most. A quote that I posted says, “My thoughts characterize my tomorrow.” That is SO true! What I do today affect what tomorrow looks like. Will I proactive or will I procrastinate?

These are just some small things that encourage me. Find something that inspires you to keep growing in Jesus Christ. Whether it is doing random acts of kindness, reading a specific book, or running in your neighborhood. Find something that helps you press on when you want to give up. I would love to hear what you do!

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