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It’s Ok To Not Know Where You’re Going: Learning to Embrace Both the Desert Seasons & the Beach Seasons of Life

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Moving to a new city, where you only know 1 person, for a job can be a bit scary. 8 months ago I left behind beautiful, sunny southern California for the dry, brown desert of Nevada. The first few months I received my favorite question of “Why?”

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know why I moved, but I do know it was the right move. I am sure that this move is what God wanted. I am unwavering in the knowledge that God wants me here.

In a way, this move has signified more of a spiritual move for me. You’ve probably heard the song “Desert Song” by Hillsong that poetically describes the dry periods in our life where we feel a little lost in a landscape of dry, bland, and frankly unappealing scenery. As I moved to the Desert, so did my life season transfer from one of excitement and blessing to waiting and unknowns.

As a single girl, who loves Jesus, Vegas is not the easiest place to set up your life. For starters, the typical social life of a Nevadan is not really appealing to me. During my time here, I’ve seen and even had some experiences with the night life in Vegas. I have learned bars and night clubs are not really my scene, and really aren’t a safe place as a female. So to say the social aspect of my life hasn’t been a dream, is a bit of an understatement.

On top of that, moving to a godless city to share the AMAZING news of Jesus can be at times disheartening. It’s not easy. My respect and honor for my leaders at Central has doubled, tripled, even quadrupled over the months here! Had it not been for my team, church family, and the children that I get the pleasure to minister to and with weekly, I probably would not have made it this long in this city.

So why am I telling you this? What do I want you to know?

  1. It’s okay to be a twenty something who doesn’t necessarily understand why and where they are in life. It’s okay to feel a little lost at times. It’s okay to not understand what the heck you, or God for that matter, is doing. It’s okay and it’s normal. There is one caveat to this statement: you must know that God is at the helm of your life. You must know that he is guiding your life to a season of oasis in this temporary desert.
  2. It’s not okay to hide and bury yourself in these moments. Don’t push down your feelings! Bring them to God! Are you frustrated with where you are? Tell him! Are you angry your plans aren’t lining up? Tell him (and then surrender your plans). Be honest with a godly friend and let them speak into your life! We were made for community, why? So that in moments like this we would have people surrounding us telling us that we are known and loved by God, and by them. We weren’t meant to walk through the deserts alone.

One day I will make it back to the metaphorical beach season in life. I will wiggle my toes in the sand, run into the salty water, and bask in the sweet smell of salt, sand, and sunshine. I will look at God’s creation and see only beauty. Until that season comes, however, I am learning to be content in the present. Content in knowing that I am here for a purpose, a plan, and a mission. Not my mission, but His.

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