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I’ve Got a Reason to Breathe

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What is the meaning to life? Have you ever really asked yourself that question?–I mean really asked yourself?? Are you alive just to go through the cycle of childhood to adulthood and make a couple great memories in-between? Don’t get me wrong, it is good to make lasting memories, but there is a divine purpose that you and I are here on this earth and it certainly isn’t just to take up space and be another mouth to feed. No, God has us here for a purpose. That purpose is totally up to Him. He may have you here to teach kids how to read and write while being a positive influence on their lives. He may have you here to sing songs that inspire people to worship Him. He may have you here to write for Him words that will reach millions. He may even have you here to be a mother to raise kids that glorify Him. Whatever He has you here for, He will accomplish His purpose for your life–but only if you allow Him to take the driver’s seat. This goes along with my last several posts on walking with God, right behind His footsteps and holding God’s hand. If He created the plan for your life, then don’t you think that He might just know how to get there?!
Do you have a reason to breathe? Do you have a reason to wake up each and every day celebrating your life? I do. His name is Jesus Christ. He is my reason to breathe and to wake up every day. He gets me out of my bed and drags me to the gym to work out. He walks me through my work day and guides me in my relationships. He shows me what to pursue and what to deny. He leads and I follow. He loves me no matter what may happen in my life and He picks me up when I fall. He has never left me or forsaken me–ever. He is the love of my life and the air that I breathe.

What is the air that you breathe??
What is the meaning of life?
I’ve asked myself so many times
Is there a reason I’m here?
I wish someone would make it clear
‘Cause I’m living from day to day, feeling so far away
Maybe I’m not as sane as I thought
Keeping my eyes on You is something I’ve gotta do
Even when I don’t feel like it
I won’t give up, I won’t give in
I’m ready for my life to start again
I won’t back down, I’ll stand my ground
The time is now to show the love I’ve found
I’ve got a reason to breathe, I’ve got the freedom to stand
The future is mine, I’ll give it all I can
To break down the walls that hold me in
It’s my reason to live
My reason to wake up every day and bless Your name
In the crush of this crazy messed up world
Only You have stayed the same
I know I have a place here in amazing grace
Forever safe, forever sound
Time after time I see You are the best in me
You’re everything I’m chasing afterListen as the walls fall down
Hear the nations calling out
(Zoegirl, “Reason to Breathe)

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