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Jesus Rocks!

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Today I wore a t-shirt to school that simply said “Jesus Rocks” on the front. I didn’t really think of the impact of the simple statement I was advertising until I was sitting in my AP Government class. One of my classmates pulled out a similar black t-shirt that also said “Jesus Rocks” on the front. He then began to laugh as he said “Hey, I have that shirt too.” Instead of wearing this shirt to positively show the love of Jesus, he was wearing it because he thought it was funny.

I began to think of how I could have responded to my peer. He doesn’t have the love of Jesus Christ in his life–a love that could totally rock his world! How am I sharing that love with him? With my AP Government class? With my graduating class? With my school? Am I really spreading Jesus’ love or just wearing a “Jesus” t-shirt just to wear it?

Apologetics is important. How did we define apologetics? Apologetics is standing firm in what you believe as a Christ-follower, standing un-conformed in the midst of culture, and spreading the love of Jesus Christ. Apologetics is more than “knowing” a million facts about Christianity. Apologetics is about effectively sharing the love of Christ to those around you. Apologetics is about more than wearing a t-shirt. It is all about wearing the love of Christ.

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