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Just Another Vice: Social Media

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Social Media. We live in a day and age where we find it weird when people we meet DON’T have any sort of social media. We assume they must be in the CIA or be a hitman. Or is that just me? 

I remember being in high school before I made a Facebook page. I missed the Xanga and MySpace boats. Yeah, I just threw it back with Xanga. Do you remember how freeing it was when we didn’t have to worry about how many likes our post got? When we didn’t compare ourselves to strangers based off their news feed? I can’t even imagine what it is like going through middle school now with all the social media platforms. I know it doesn’t sound the least bit fun. 

I wonder if social media is just a fad. Will Instagram stop being cool like Twitter? Will people get fed up with the jealousy, self-doubt, and comparison social media causes and give it up?

I’ll admit I was one of those people who was scared to give up social media. Being an independent contractor in the music industry, I am always looking for a side hustle. So what if I miss an important job posting?! What if my dream job becomes available and I have no idea?! Pause. God can find another way to bring that job to my attention! If it is the right job for me, He will make it known. DUH. I was also listening to a recent podcast from Annie F. Downs and she said “I don’t go to the internet when I’m hungry. I don’t text single guys and I don’t get on social media.” YES GIRL. I’ve had a few setbacks recently, and I want to take these next few months to truly focus on myself (and not just say that I will). I want to eat less fast food, learn how to save my money, invest in quality friendships, go to at least 1 workout class a week, join a small group, and strengthen my relationship with God. I don’t need to turn to social media to pass the time, to avoid the hurt, or to feel bad about myself because I’m not having as much fun as everyone else.

I gave up social media on April 10th. Today is April 16th, and here’s what I found: I didn’t really miss it. I filled my time reading books, listening to podcasts, and being productive. Plus Netflix. But it was refreshing to realize that my happiness isn’t directly correlated to social media. Yes, when I was bored I would grab my phone so I could get on Instagram. But overall, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and there were even times where I didn’t miss it. 

Maybe moderation is key when it comes to social media. Let’s realize our worth and value, that it is found in Jesus and not validation from others. Let’s maybe take one week a month to go on a social media cleanse. I’m in if you are! 

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