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Keep On Becoming, Warrior.

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“Keep watering those good seeds you have already sown.” Morgan Harper Nichols

Warrior friend, you’ve sown some good seeds in your becoming story. Don’t allow a bad day, feeling tired, disappointment, or someone else’s opinion influence you to stop growing. Keeping doing the warrior work of showing up consistently every, single day, watering the seeds you’re planting in the person you’re becoming.

You. Can. Do. This.
Keep on planting.
Keep on watering.
Keep on growing.
Keep on becoming, warrior.

Today, I’m watering the seeds I’ve planted by:

  1. Starting my day at the feet of Jesus.
  2. Showing up today. I’m refusing to allow the tempting lie of focusing on “tomorrow” to rob me of today’s growth.
  3. Choosing to do the hard work. Nurturing the seeds we’ve planted isn’t easy. We have to keep showing up every day to water, tend and nurture what we’ve planted.
  4. Giving myself grace. There will be times today I mess up and fall short. And when those moments happen, I’m extending grace and kindness to myself, and then choosing to get up and keep growing!
  5. Reflecting on gratitude. I’m marking the ways I have grown in my journal, thanking God for where I’ve been and where I’m going.

You are growing. You are becoming. Don’t give up on the seeds you’ve been planting… chin up, warrior friend. There’s becoming to do!

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