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Keep Showing Up

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“Faithfulness leads to fruitfulness.”? Heard this Michael Todd quote on Carey Nieuwhoff’s podcast on my morning run & it STUCK. I want to flourish, I want to become who God made me to be, I want to be fruitful & grow… & the pathway to growth? FAITHFULNESS… the decision to KEEP SHOWING UP.⠀

There are days I don’t feel like running or eating healthy food or doing the hard work, but I know who God designed me to be & I want to become her. So I’m committed to showing up faithfully every single day. You can choose to show up too! It’s a choice only you can make… 5-4-3-2-1… show up today for yourself, your family, your community… show up faithfully & watch your faithfulness compound into the fruitfulness of your life! We’re in this together, warrior friend, & I’m cheering you on big time! ????⠀

Will you commit to showing up faithfully today? Drop a ?? If you’re in!

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