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Lessons Learned…Every Day!

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Well, every day new lessons are learned. This past week, God has been teaching me to continually trust Him and get my confidence from Him alone. Trusting God isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Putting my confidence in God isn’t always easy either. Way too often do I try to take control of my own life and not trust God with every single detail of my life. Take this past week for example. I am going to a new public school and not just any public school, but the largest public school in the entire nation! Meeting new friends is hard. I was exhausted after a week of trying to meet new people and make friends. But, the reason I was so exhausted was because I was relying on myself to make friends. I didn’t trust God completely. Learning to trust God and give Him control is a constant battle between what God wants and what my flesh wants.

Last night I attended the First Priority kick-off celebration. First Priority is a student-led Christian club to reach out to our student body. Last night we experienced phenomenal praise and worship and heard fabulous speaking from Clayton King. As we sang songs I totally opened up my heart to God and you know what happened? God refreshed my soul. He came in and wrapped His arms around me. He said, “It is all right. Trust me, I will never fail you.” Every day I need to wake up reminding myself that life isn’t about me. Life isn’t about the friends I have, the grades I make, the clothes I wear, or if I have a boyfriend. Life is about glorifying Jesus in everything I do. Trusting God and putting your confidence in Him wont happen in a second. It takes time and commitment. Work at it every day and when you mess up, He will forgive you and pick you up again. My life verse, Romans 12:2 reminds me to never conform to the world around me. Just like I said in my last post, I want to live like that little flower. That flower was small, but it made a huge difference! I may be just one girl. Just an ordinary teenage girl, but through me God can do anything. All He wants is my heart.

Jesus, I surrender my heart to you. I want you to hold the wheel to my life. I want to trust you in everything. Tonight I lay down my wants, dreams, desires, and passions. I give you my fears and failures. Please help me to get my confidence from you alone. I love you so much dear Jesus.

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