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Let the Journey Continue…

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Exactly one week ago today, I crossed over into a new territory in my life: adulthood. Sitting among my fellow classmates last weekend the weight of what was happening really began to sink in. Even now, life still feels a little surreal. This past week I started a new job at an insurance office alongside my life guarding job. Today I received my voter registration confirmation. This next week I register for my college classes. Life is coming fast…..and the realities of this new adventure hit the day after graduation. But, most importantly, that is what is so exciting. The possibilities of what God has in store for me are endless! I cannot wait to see what He plans to do in my life. Now I am gearing up for Central Florida Community College where I will serve as an Ambassador for the 2009/2010 school year. I will be preparing to transfer to a four-year university where my dreams of becoming a judge will begin to take form. I am truly excited about this dusty trail called life that God has me on. Let the journey continue…

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