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Little Conversations

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Talking to God is so much fun! I have made it a habit to talk to Him all the time, throughout my everyday life. While I am swimming at practice, sitting in class, walking through the halls, and eating my lunch I talk to Him. God is so refreshing! When I talk with Him I really de-stress! Please notice that I said talking with Him, not talking to Him. Talking with God means you are having an active conversation with Him. He is speaking too….that means you have to listen. Why do you think you have two ears and one mouth? Speaking to Him means you just blab what you want to say and then exclaim, “Sorry God, gotta run!” Most of the time when I am having a conversation with God, He is the one doing all of the talking. I am just listening, learning, and growing. I am basking in His presence. The Creator of the Universe chooses to speak to me! Wow. How totally awesome is that?

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