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Make Me the Princess You Want Me to Be!

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This is a great poem by an awesome girl named Rosanne. She was also interviewed by Shannon Kubiak Primicerio (check out my posts under “Interviews”) and has an amazing passion for Jesus. She is truly chasing after God with her whole heart. Thank you for your great example Rosanne!

To my King

Make me the princess You want me to be—
Try me by fire and help me stay true.
Only give me Your love, hold me close to Your heart;
Forever and always, my hope is in You!

I want to be Yours, Your daughter, Your star;
Heaven’s light, may it always shine in my eyes.
As I turn my heart toward You and Your love,
May my life be a beautiful sacrifice.

Awaken my heart with Your soft, calling touch:
May I see You each day as You open my eyes.
I will kneel at Your feet and pour out my praise
Because a poor, beggar girl You would not despise.

Breathe on me, make me live with Your life!
May I always show others the reason You came.
I give You my talents and all I possess,
I praise You, I love You, I lift up Your Name!

December 28, 2005

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