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My Favorite Things About Christmas!

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  1. Jamming to Christmas music
  2. Baking Christmas cookies
  3. Eating the Christmas cookies
  4. Decorating my house for Christmas
  5. Dreaming about the snow that Florida doesn’t get
  6. Finding the perfect gift
  7. Christmas parties
  8. The Disney Christmas Day Parade
  9. Sleeping by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve
  10. Celebrating with my Grandparents and extended family
  11. Attending Christmas musicals/performances
  12. Curling up in a warm blanket
  13. Hot cocoa with marshmallows
  14. Sleigh rides
  15. Making ornaments
  16. Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast casserole with cinnamon roles
  17. Reading the Christmas story in the Bible
  18. Exchanging gifts with TEAM Cummins
  19. Dancing to Christmas carols
  20. Smelling poinsettias
  21. The malls decorated for Christmas
  22. The HUGE sales!
  23. Christmas Eve–we always eat snacks and watch Christmas movies
  24. Making lists about my favorite things of Christmas
  25. The birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

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