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My Goal For Next Valentine’s Day?

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Moon roof open, windows down, radio on. Just another typical morning on my way to Statistics–driving through open horse country, singin’ along, & enjoying the scenery! So, this song, “Two Is Better Than One,” comes on (Cute song! Plus Taylor Swift performs it in, so you can’t go wrong!). After the song ends, the radio announcer starts talking, “Yeah, I bet you don’t want to hear that song if you don’t have anyone this Valentine’s Day. That’s depressing. You better make sure that you find someone in time for next Valentine’s Day!” OK….first thought: what is this guy thinking?!!! Then it went to: oh goodness he’s right!!! I do need to find someone to buy me chocolate. And ended with: this is absolutely PATHETIC! Here’s my question: Why does it seem like Valentine’s Day is simply about having a relationship–any kind–just so that you can say you weren’t “alone”? Sadly, today, it seems like we are searching for one-time flings for a day just to say we have plans or were asked out rather than thinking long term. Paradigm shift here: relationships are not meant to be temporary fixes to our seemingly huge problems. Relationships are meant to last (I’m talking both friendships and romantic relationships here). God does not put people in our lives for us to carelessly use and throw away when we are all done. His plan and purpose for love–genuine love–is not for us to find a guy who is willing to spend $5 on a box of chocolates and pick up a dozen roses in order to take us on a one-time fling. I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in or looking for a guy who just wants someone’s name to fill into an empty spot in his outlook. I’m looking for a man who is a servant and a warrior–a man who seeks after Jesus first and foremost. I come second. Period. End of story.

Sound pretty straightforward? Well, yeah. I don’t know how else to put it! Valentine’s Day is about so much more than finding a dinner date. Valentine’s Day is not something to be dreaded if you are “single.” Valentine’s Day is a day where we can radiate the love of Christ–just like any other day! It doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend on this particular day of the year or not. God’s word makes it pretty clear: “Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.” (Song of Songs 2:7) Not sure if you can get any more clear than that!

Goal for next Valentine’s Day? Continue to let Christ shape and mold my heart….not search for a guy to temporarily hold it.

Just a thought.

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