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New Section: Check Out My DESIGN Work!

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This past summer at Church of Hope, I had the opportunity to work with two of my peers on a project that radically changed what I thought about my future career…
In June, Jenna Box, Matthew Overfelt, and I sat down and began working on something we had never even dreamed of before–Hope’s first annual Mission Celebration Journal. The goal for the project was to have a piece that simply told stories of how people have discovered that in Christ we have HOPE. As we began brainstorming, collaborating, and gathering all of our information, we all knew that this project was going to be life-changing not only for us, but for the hundreds of people who would receive it when we finished.

After many hours, late nights, tons of coffee breaks, and endless editing, we finally had our finished product. Looking back on that month, I am so thankful for being given a part of that project. It truly helped me see what I was capable of doing. I have always loved the area of Communications, but never even thought about pursuing it! The Mission Celebration Journal was so much fun to work on, that I began wondering what it would be like to work on Communications projects as a career….

And that is how I began pursuing my future transfer (after graduation from the College of Central Florida with my A.A. degree in English) to the College of Journalism & Communications at the University of Florida to major in Advertising and minor in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership. I want to continue to share stories…stories of HOPE…for the rest of my life. I finally found something that truly does energize me–even when I am exhausted physically! I feel like I can’t stop designing new pieces….playing around with new ideas….learning how to cut through the clutter to communicate effectively. I am truly excited to see what the future holds and to continue learning!
Check out some of my work under my design tab. Let me know what you think!

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